Where Did Bear Go?
Too much fun. I went into the closet this morning and I grab one of my hawaiian print shirts thinking HEY! It's friday! Let's roll! OMG! What was I thinking? The last time I bought a hawaiin print shirt was last summer! Well last summer I weighed 365 lbs and I filled the shirt...
Bears Amazing Weight Loss Journey! My Update!
Hard to believe! But I had to go buy some new jeans again today! I absolutely love how I feel and I am here to share this experience this joy with you in hopes that I will reach just one person that has tried to lose weight. I am doing it and you can too!
Dieting-KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)
Easy Dieting Tips
 As we get older dieting becomes a necessity, yes it’s true the older we get the bigger we get. I went to a nutrition class that helped me out tremendously. Here is a few tips’ that will hopefully help you.
#1 Sugar is Kryptonite to…
Ready For A Change?
Happy beginning of the week! Ask yourself....are you ready for a change? Now that Bear is officially 50 we're going to make an effort to make a few changes around here. Not so many donuts and maybe a few more pieces of fruit.
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
Wow! That's a big question! Lots of people have gone on diets. Losing weight is a good thing! Summer is right around the corner and maybe you want to lose 15 pounds or maybe you need to make the BIG change and lose around 150 pounds!