How to Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating on Facebook
Over the weekend a friend of mine asked me what the red flags are for when a spouse is cheating. His wife is ALWAYS on her smart phone interacting on Facebook. I’ve been through enough failed relationships to be a bit of an expert on the subject, so here we go:
Statistics suggest abou…
Dance Lesson’s for Valentines? Great Gift Idea!
Check out this awesome couple! I think dancing is such great exercise and I think it's really cool when couples can dance well together. I don't know what kind of dance this is. But it's cute that it's an OLDER couple and they are dancing so well together...
Dating Tips from 1938
Thanks to Retronauts they found dating tips for the single woman from 1938. check out the pictorial of the proper way to behave... not sure what to say about this.
Top Six Things Men Hate to See Women Wear on Dates
Not sure we care..but, here they are according to Wise Brother Media!

Fake eyelashes
Ugg boots
Jeans (????)
Giant, celebrity style sunglasses.
Fake tanner
Leather sandals with straps...think Gladiator style.

About half the women said they'll keep on wearing whatever they want o n a date and three out …

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