So often when people whine about being alone on Valentine's Day I think, "Well, YEAH"! A lot of times people are alone because they have bad habits they need to address before expecting a fulfilling relationship. Here are my personal pet peeves along with some from a popular survey. Full disclosure: I'm single, too.

My own:

  • If you're on the rebound, bounce on outta here!
  • Serial daters (people who date A LOT). If I were talking to a gal, and she mentioned she went on more than 15 dates in the past year with different guys, I'd say, "People are chasing you, why haven't you been caught yet?" I also worry they had sex with 15 different people that year! I think people should be more selective.
  • Cats. Can't stand them. If a woman has multiple pets, they're out. Two dogs, three cats... it's a little much. And almost always, ALWAYS, their house smells like urine.
  • People who treat pets as if they were human.
  • I'm leery of women who have felt the need to augment themselves surgically. I just can't relate to it.
  • Women who go out A LOT with girlfriends -- especially if it always involves alcohol.
  • Women who ask REALLY personal questions. Just because you're on a date doesn't give them a VIP pass to your most private feelings.
  • Acts disrespectfully to their own family. If you can't get along with family, who can you get along with?
  • People who make themselves sound too good to be true.

Survey Says:

  • Emotional immaturity
  • Immaturity in communication habits
  • If they're prepared to cheat on their partner to be with you, one day they'll be prepared to cheat on you to be with someone else.
  • No long-distance relationships
  • Being racist, sexist, or too much like their own father.
  • Someone who's late almost all the time
  • Someone who makes you late for dates because they take too long getting ready
  • Someone who manipulates you to do what they want.
  • People who think being rude is their "schtick" and everyone should be OK with it because that's their "thing" or their sense of humor.
  • People who are ignorant, and lack motivation to do anything about it.
  • People who text you constantly after the first date
  • Bad grooming