In the dating scene we all have deal breakers -- things you don't find acceptable in the opposite sex. Most are understandable (trouble holding a job, bad hygiene, poor conversation skills), but everyone has a few they don't like to confess because it makes them sound shallow. Let's hear them!

For me it's:

-Cat ladies

-Drama queens (97% of women)

-Women who don't get along with family members (if you can't get along with family, who can you get along with)

-Treating pets as an equal.

Here's what my Facebook friends said:


*disliking my dogs

*lack of respect

Here's what a national survey said:

  • girls who are all about horses
  • people with big gums when they smile
  • ugly feet
  • weird voice
  • bad spellers (in texting to be specific)
  • never on time
  • littering
  • picky eaters
  • arrogance
  • people who are financially irresponsible
  • people who can't stop talking and it's "me, me, me"
  • always wanting to take pictures together
  • people who won't stop texting
  • people who "make out" with their dog