I shared last week that I have trouble dating because it seems like all the women I meet want to move faster than I do. I know that sounds backwards but I'm trying to date like a Christian. That means building a friendship first, and developing romance on that foundation. A friend said he's experiencing the same things, so I opened the conversation up to KORD listeners and here's what you had to say:

68 percent of survey respondents agreed with me, so obviously other people are wanting to get to know their dates better before hopping in bed.

The advice I gave my friend is to keep all dates public. Never be all alone together -- especially not at one of your homes.

Here's what KORD listeners had to say:

  • Plan dates that include a lot of face-to-face conversations
  • The man should exercise old-fashioned chivalry including opening doors, offering her your jacket on a cold night, helping with her chair, etc.
  • Be candid with each other about your intentions and what you're looking for in a relationship.
  • Be a great friend
  • Never sleep over at one another's places for any reason
  • Spend dates exploring common interests
  • Attend church socials together
  • Go to a high school play together
  • Date in groups, or at least with another couple
  • Be a great listener