Great job WRPD as they have ID'd the morons that are accused of shooting cars and house windows with a BB gun. Personally, I am a fan of BB and pellet guns and have shot them my whole life, as did my kids. The only difference is, we shoot them for fun and marksmanship and never in a menacing fashion while drinking our juice in the hood. That's why folks like me get so angry when guns of any kind are misused. The uninformed start to have a cow and think it's all the gun's fault. But you know that argument.

Two of my favorite air guns are pictured above. The long barrel pistol is a Crossman target gun. It is a single shot and will shoot BBs or pellets. This baby is super accurate and very fun. It's not really for the kiddos, though, as it takes several pumps to charge it and little hands and arms are not strong enough. My arms would tire quickly when I let my kids shoot several times. This is the affordable model at about $60, but you can spend several hundred dollars on very well-built, fun-to-shoot guns like this. And with the price of real ammo these days, if you can even find it, BB and pellet guns are today's plinkers.

The black gun with the orange barrel tip is a soft-air gun. I'm not sure why they're even called that. They shoot soft-air BBs that are NOT soft.  This is a powerful little unit that runs on Co2 cartridges, other models are spring-loaded. I can knock down fat icicles hanging off my roof in the wintertime from 25 feet. This one also is very accurate, so if you're not hitting your target, it's operator error!


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