While you were enjoying a nice Easter dinner or hunting for those eggs you hid a little too well, folks at a West Richland apartment complex were surrounded by SWAT, thanks to somebody who just can't play nice. Men who return affection with violence are the lowest forms of life, and that's what this feller is accused of. He's already got a protection order against him and isn't even supposed to be there. But nooooo...tough guy has to show up and ruin Easter for everyone. Once the cops were called, they realized this guy is suspected of robbing the Kennewick Walmart and thought he might be armed, so SWAT was called in. I think most everyone knows that there are only 10 ways you can beat SWAT:

1. You can't

2. You won't

3. Yeah, no

4. Nice try

5. Whatever

6. Are you stoopid

7. Don't be dense

8. Good luck

9. You're gonna need a bigger boat (?)

10. This could hurt. A lot.

So he finally came out (with no weapons) and now guess where he is. Well, I can tell you that it's not in the loving arms of a good woman, and it's not with the fam at Easter dinner. Choices, buddy, choices.



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