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As the State legislative leaders began budget negotiations behind closed doors, Senate Democrats brought two major proposals that are part of Gov. Inslee’s climate-change agenda to the floor for a vote on Thursday.

The WPC says, "Establishing a low-carbon fuel standard program has been among Gov. Inslee’s climate-change priorities for years, and his proposals have passed the House during the last three sessions, including HB 1091 this year, which passed in February by a 56-42 vote."

The two bills referenced are SB 5126, which would establish a cap-and-trade program and it passed by a 25-24 vote, with four Democrats joining all Republicans to vote against it, and HB 1091 which passed by  a 27-20 vote marking the first time a low-carbon fuel standard bill has passed the Senate.

The historic votes carry a significant price tag for the residents of the state. WPC , "Critics say that, if enacted into law, the mandates would  result in huge fuel cost increases for Washington businesses and consumers. Estimates indicate that the measures would add about 20 cents to the cost of a gallon of gas in 2023, increasing to between 41 and 50 cents per gallon by 2028..... at 67 cents a gallon in state and federal rates combined, Washington is already one of the highest in the country." is a free service provided by Washington Policy Center.  Residents are encouraged to check in often a on Facebook and Twitter at #waleg.

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