Here's great news for recent high school grads and soon-to-be graduating seniors. The Washington State Department of Transportation is looking to put a handful of students on their maintenance team with the Highschool to Highways program. Applicants must be 18-22 years old. You'll get full training in their maintenance academy and even be assigned an experienced mentor for the first two years of your newfound employment. That's right, this could be an excellent long-term job, not just a summer internship. Most graduating seniors struggle with wondering what they want to do when high school is over, but you could be earning money right away. You'll get to see a lot of our beautiful state working on the highways. Interested in working heavy equipment or driving state vehicles? You'll need a commercial license for that and guess what...they'll cover the cost! Working for the state, being outdoors, and I'm sure there are great benefits and good pay on top of it all. To read more about it, check out the Blogspot of the WSDOT HERE.

If you've ever thought about becoming a road worker...HERE'S YOUR SIGN! But it's so much more than signs. The WSDOT jobs page shows a list of openings and what they pay. Utilizing the Highschool to Highways program to get started is a great way to work your way into qualifying for some of those jobs.



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