Have You Ever Heard Of The Seven Sisters?

I wish I could remember the whole story about the Seven Sisters but I'll do my best to give you as many details as I can.

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Seven Sisters Is A Ghost Story

When I was 8 years old, my foster dad would tell me a ghost story about the Seven Sisters. I was mesmerized by the story of seven witches that preyed on little boys and their dogs.

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The story would start with my dog and me out exploring some woods and such and then we'd be chased away by the Seven Sisters. 

The Seven Sisters were scary witches that would chase us all the way home.

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Who Were The Seven Sisters?

According to my foster dad, my dog and I were too cunning to ever get caught by the Seven Sisters but for years I've wondered, who are the Seven Sisters?

My foster dad would name them but for the life of me, I can't seem to remember their names.

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Seven Sisters Is A Mountain In Washington State

I've always wondered where this ghost story originated and through the years, I've tried to find the inspiration for the story.

The only Seven Sisters that pops up for Washington State is a mountain near Lake Chelan. Its elevation is 7,185 feet and is located near Junction Mountain and Tolo Mountain.

My foster dad did attend college in Ellensburg so I'm curious if that's where he got the idea of the Seven Sisters?

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I've looked for years for any other reference to the Seven Sisters and come up short each time.

Do you remember growing up and hearing the story of the Seven Sisters with your grandparents?

Do you have any reference to the story or was it just one made-up story for a little 8-year old with a very vivid imagination?

I will tell you this, my dog and I always escaped the clutches of the Seven Sisters.

If you've got any details about the origin of the Seven Sisters, let me know on our App chat feature.

If you are curious about where the Seven Sisters are, check out this map here.

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