Washington is the UFO capital of the U.S., possibly the world. Don't believe it? Check out the stats! Heck, even the term "flying saucer," which would lead to the term "UFO," was made popular right here in Washington by Kenneth Albert Arnold near Mount Rainier in June of 1947.

And if that isn't good enough for you, here comes more video evidence. It was recorded earlier this month  in Burien, a suburb of Seattle, and uploaded to YouTube by user "Denspion." The video begins with a bright light in the sky and is quickly joined by another orb, and another orb, changing shapes, going into clusters and eventually fading away. They do not behave like normal aircraft. They're in the sky, are objects and are unidentified, so yeah, a UFO. Many theories are have come out about what they could be, everything from aliens, to Chinese Lanterns, military craft and yes, even swamp gas. Check out the video below (Warning: Language).

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