For me, the funnest thing about winning the lottery is fantasizing: me in a new Trans Am, my wife in a Ferrari, my kids in BMWs... all driving home in a caravan to my new giant house with a six-car garage. I wouldn't just share my winnings with my wife and kids, I'd bless my entire family, and my community. Well, today I learned that JUST BY PLAYING the lottery I bless my community! Check this out (it blew my mind):

  • $128.8 Million went to schools last year. That helps over one million children!
  • $300,000 helps people with a gambling addiction
  • $2.8 million helps economic development in Washington state
  • $31.9 million goes to the state to reduce what you and I pay in taxes
  • $36 million blesses small businesses where the lottery is played (creating jobs)
  • $11.7 million helps pay for CenturyLink Field keeping the Seahawks in Seattle
  • and $432.9 millions goes to people like you and me making dreams come true

That's pretty cool. That's got me thinking, besides new cars and a new house, how else would I share my money if I win? I created this little activity to help, and now you can play too!

If game does not appear properly CLICK HERE

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