Washington State Can Be a Dangerous Place To Live

I'll admit it, I'm afraid of dying. 

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What Are The Odds That A Natural Disaster Will Occur In Washington State?

I love life and I love living so the thought of dying has always scared me. I think it's the notion that all the good things in life are coming to an end. I've always admired those that weren't afraid to die and those who've got the courage to meet death head-on.

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It's a little gruesome but I've often thought about how I'm going to die and I know you've also had those thoughts before too.


Have you ever done something and said "yep, this is how I'm going to die?". I've been stuck in the snow and on icy roads in the middle of the night and wondered if that's when it's going to happen.

Many years ago, I got lost in the Mount Rainier National Forest in the middle of the night with a dead cellphone, almost empty on gas. I thought for sure that would be it.

Here Are 9 Things That Could Possibly Kill You In Washington State

Luckily it wasn't but it still makes me fear death. I think fearing death can sometimes be a good thing but it helps motivate you to do the things you might not normally do and it can be a great motivator to change your life.

I've made a gallery along with some statistics on some other natural ways you could die in Washington State and I think you'll be surprised and not surprised by some obvious and not-so-obvious killers in Washington State. 

9 Things Most Likely To Kill You In Washington State

Here 9 things that most likely would kill you in Washington State

That's our top 9 but I can't end the list without giving you a bonus and you'll be surprised to discover that hitting a deer at high speed tops the last nine as a likely thing that'll kill you in Washington State.

Steve Mann
Steve Mann

Hitting Deer Caused Over 1600 Accidents In 2021 In Washington State

Anything can happen in life, death is inevitable but you can buckle up and protect yourself in some cases. You might not think Washington State is a scary place but fate might disagree with you from time to time.

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