Where are the best thrift shops in Tri-Cities?

I had to ask. Anyone who knows me knows that I am truly all about the bargains. So, I put out there and asked on a local app. You all had a lot to say & I am grateful to find new shopping spots to take advantage of. Thank you!

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Lots of people recommend Goodwill & Salvation Army stores. I'm a fan. Although, one person did say that they cannot shop those places anymore because they "bring home too much junk." Our Goodwill and Salvation Army locations are awesome!

Thrift stores are wonderful places to go to look for items that are no longer produced. If you're a collector of anything, you may have purchased your most treasured item at a thrift shop.

Repeat Boutique or New Beginnings Thrift Store

Located at 1016 Lee Boulevard, Richland received high marks from a number of people.

A lot of people shop with Jenny's Thrift Store on Vista Way in Kennewick. One person says Jenny is a young lady with a great heart ❤️.

If you're like me, you'll pull over to get that great deal. I'm a penny pincher and take great pride in re-finishing a piece of furniture giving it life and then displaying it. Half the fun is doing the work priming the piece for show off status.

Veteran's Warehouse Thrift Store Facebook
Veteran's Warehouse Thrift Store Facebook

The thrift shop most recommended is the Veteran's Warehouse in Kennewick. I cannot believe I've never been! The shop is located at 908 North Colorado Street, next to Lowe's.

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