I wrote a story about my daughter Kamrace and her adventures of flipping a van a few months ago and I am here to update you! Below is the story and pictures, along with updated photos of her finished project. Well, alomost finished project... She just has to attach the solar panels and it will be ready for sale. If you are interested in it you can look Kamrace up on her facebook and send her a message.

"Kamrace Clardy had a dream at the age of 16 and in just a short year she had that dream off the ground. Her and her high school boyfriend Justin worked hard to earn enough money to buy a van to remodel and take a summer trip across the states. Well, they did just that!

After their big adventure they put their van up for sale and almost quadrupled their money! So it gave Kamrace the idea to do it again... and maybe AGAIN! She recently bought another van and by herself this time she is in the process of gutting it and turning it into a tiny house or travel van for profit. She is about a quarter of the way complete and we're following her progress.

The van will be equipped with a tiny living space and a full kitchen, including a sink! Check out her progress and stay tuned for the final project coming soon!

Here are some before and after pictures so far."