Where are the Van Kids!? Back in July I blogged about Kamrace and Justin buying a van, remodeling it and getting it road ready to travel across the states and as the weather goes from blistering to blustery it's time to see where they are and where they have been!

Kam and Justin left their home state of Washington just days before Kam's 18th birthday on July 6th and they have been on the move ever since!! Their travels took them north for starters, where they camped, fished and hiked and just lived off the land. Among these stops were Leavenworth, Bainbridge Island, The Olympic National Park and they even popped over to Victoria BC!

From the mountains to the beach!! They went from camping amongst the beautiful pines and Redwoods to campfires on the beach! They spent weeks traveling HWY 101, meeting other couples, who were on the same adventure and learned a lot about how to stretch a dollar! After experiencing most of the Oregon coast they headed to sunny California!

First stop on their Cali map was San Francisco and all of the tourist attractions, such as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge etc..

After the sights of San Fran, the Van was back in motion, working it's way down the coast of California. These stops included Santa Cruz, Carmel, Venice Beach and the final stop and long stay was in San Diego, where Justin's Aunt Rachel lives and let the kids stretch out and welcomed them into her home! Both kids found little jobs while they spent their time in San Diego and made sure to pay their way while visiting!

Kam and Justin had big plans for this trip and that plan revolved around SURFING! After purchasing all the gear Kamrace realized the ocean is a little frightening and she prefers sunbathing on the land with her surfboard securely by her side! Justin however, hit those waves! He spent most of his time surfing with his permanent sunbathing audience laying in the sand.

Just like that.... SUMMER ENDED!! So where are they now!?

Still traveling, wishing they had brought their snowboards as they found themselves in Colorado and the snow is a blink away! From San Diego they HAD to zip over to Las Vegas to see what that is about, of course. They spent a few nights seeing the bright lights there and decided to head East, where Kam's older sister Bret lives! First they cruised through the beautiful state of Utah taking in all their red rock beauty!

As they made their way to Colorado they hit a few stops along the way including The Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Vail CO, Breckenbridge, Boulder, Denver and final stop... Fort Collins, where they are fishing RIGHT NOW! I was lucky enough to catch a flight into Fort Collins to see my girls together and spend last weekend laughing and eating too much!

Not to say there hasn't been moments where they have been home sick and ready to just wake up in their own bed, but so far this has truly been the trip of a lifetime for them both! Actually Kam got so homesick at one point she might have flown home for a week....

Yellowstone is next on their map and from there the road will bring them home and Rosie (Justins Momma) and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Finish up safe kids!! Your Mothers are waiting!!