As the clouds roll in we're sending off one of the first big heatwaves of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday even saw record high temperatures, but if you think the past two days were hot, you're in for a rough summer. These temperatures are as recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport.

Tuesday - High 85. That's right folks, we got into the mid-80s for the first time this year on Tuesday. In fact, you have to go all the way back to October 10 to find temperatures that warm. That was 192 days before Tuesday. Random fact - October 10 is my girlfriend's birthday, so shout out to her!

Wednesday - High 89. The weather station I have at my house here in Kennewick actually said 91, but only the airport counts toward "official records," which is a shame because this could have been our first 90-degree day ever! The last time it was that warm was September 20, a 213 day difference.

This isn't the first it's been warm this month. So far we've had four days of record highs, and all but three days have been above average.

A cool down is starting, which will drop us down to the 60s for highs for portions of next week. We'll also see more moisture, which will be good as we transition into the dry season. Those with gardens don't have to worry, though, it won't get below 40.

Since I can't put the link in the caption, here's the Facebook page for Infinite Series Photography, who took that picture down at Columbia Park on Tuesday. Also, you're only cool if you get your weather from my weather page, Tri-Cities Weather.

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