Plenty of you answered the survey about "what I can't wait to do now that it's spring!" I thought I'd show you some of the answers!

Hope you all got a chance to do some of those things this past wk end. I was able to ride. But, nope...too cold to go barefoot!


turn off the heater
go boating
hike Badger
Enjoy the sunshine and warmth on my patio
spend more time outside
Ride the motorcycle to work every day.
wear shorts
ride my motorcycle
Be outside with nature
wear shorts
for swimming
Play golf
Plant flowers
swim, bike and drink beer while I kayak the Columbia.
open the pool
smell the lilacs
go camping and make smores.
go to fishtrap
mow the lawn
plant flowers!
ride without having to plug in
mow the lawn
mow the lawn
get the boat out
go fishing
Have a Bbq, Bonfire & Beer combo night.
have backyard parties
Plant a garden
BBQs with beer and volleyball. Gardening and riding my bike.
BBQ with family
go to the beach
Wear flip-flops
Plant my garden
Plant my garden

And there were plenty more suggestions! The weather has been fairly inconsistent as far as sun shine goes. But at least we are getting some warmer days, and it will only get better from here!


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