Allot of us woke up Thursday morning with stuff on the ground that we didn't get a whole lot of this winter. Part of my drive to work was in blizzard like conditions, you know, when you click on your bright lights you can't see a thing. I actually slowed way down so I could enjoy it, you know me and snow. To my surprise, I didn't get allot of nasty phone calls blaming me for the storm, I think most of you were in shock. Around here in ten years it will be remembered as the great spring snow storm of the century, dropping 2 feet of snow and shutting down the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Many people stranded on the free ways without food or water, roofs collapsing from the weight of the snow. shelves in supermarkets are cleaned out because of wide spread panic, fights break out over cans of soup, and batteries are going for 20 bucks a pack on the black market. In one day over 120 generators are sold in the Tri-Cities, many of those are stolen later in the day. I sit at home in front of the fireplace with my family, and wait for morning. At least that's how i am going to remember it.

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