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Inmates on Social Media?
Remember Pen Pals? Remember when a stamp could send your feelings across the world, how meaningful and rewarding writing an actual letter was? With todays technology and high speed EVERYTHING writing letters are becoming more and more of a dying trend, even behind prison walls...
Shocking Social Media Punishment
Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12 year old daughter postaing a naughty photo. In the photo her 12 year old  was holding a bottle of Vodka, with a caption that said "I sure wish I could drink this."
As a punishment ReShonda had her daughter post a very different …
Annoying Types of Facebookers
According to CNN there are 12 types of annoying people on facebook, the ones who make you cringe when you see them coming. This article is about those people. Here are a few that I agree with.