Do you text someone to ask if you can call them?

Maybe we are all guilty of this these days, I know I am! It's so rare that I pick up the phone and just dial a number to talk to someone on the phone. I will almost always text them first and say "can I call you real quick?" Remember back in the day when you could just call your Mom or your co-worker without making prior arrangements? Or calling and getting a busy signal so you would hit redial until your long-winded Mother got off the phone with her sister, sometimes for an hour! Or when the radio station was holding a contest and they were taking caller number twelve! You had to spin each number and wish it to recoil faster, only to get a busy signal and hang up to try again!

I know times have changed and the cellphone is just another extension of the human body and social media is for everything on your mind, but I miss rotary phones and what they resembled! I am as guilty as the next person, my poor mother will send me a text to see if I am busy so I can take her phone call. I have even found myself being a detective and when I see someone active on Facebook but they haven't text me back after I sent them a text asking them if I could call them, I literally get upset.

I think everyone should have to work in the food and beverage industry just once in their life (totally random, but whatever) and I think everyone should have had to experience the rotary phone! Just my random thoughts for the day, now I am going to go call my Mom without an appointment because after writing this I realized I am a jerk.




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