I'm part of a really great new Facebook group being a former Yakima resident and I think it's such a great idea we should duplicate right here in the Tri-Cities.

The jest of the group is "mobbing" local restaurants during a particular week to help them survive the pandemic. The group has successfully "mobbed" several places and has single-handily helped keep some local restaurants in business.

The Yakima Food Mob first "mobbed" Mercedes and Family in Yakima last week and they just wrapped up "mobbing" Jean's Cottage Inn in Union Gap. The group picks a local restaurant every week and then they "mob" them. The Facebook group explains exactly how the process works:

We love Yakima's restaurants and we know that COVID-19 has been difficult for our restaurant owners. In order to support our local restaurants, once a week we are going to choose one restaurant that this group is going to "Mob"! This means we are going to buy their food, gift cards, merch, and leave raving reviews on all of their social media accounts.

That's the cool thing about this idea, is that you can help out in several ways. You don't have to just order food, you can buy gift cards or leave a glowing review of the restaurant if you've already been there before.

It got me thinking that starting a Tri-Cities Food Mob page might do wonders for local restaurants here needing the business. I started thinking of Cedars, Porters and Graze, and many others that would benefit from a "mobbing". I'm sure our Yakima neighbors wouldn't mind us "stealing" this great idea for the Tri-Cities right?

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