Kennewick police are no doubt using digital means to attempt to trace the origin of a cryptic threat posted on social media platform Snapchat.

Police sources say a student alerted authorities after receiving an anonymous message reading:

“What if I brought a gun to Chinook?"

Wednesday morning, KSD officials alerted parents about the incident, and police are keeping a close eye on the school.  Detectives have talked to students who said they saw the message, but so far have not been able to locate the sender. Officials have not said exactly when the message was sent.

Although Snapchat is known for being to make it's messages 'disappear,' EVERY form of digital communication can usually be traced despite such on the surface options.

Police believe it's unsubstantiated, but that doesn't mean the person who sent it will not be facing charges. The investigation continues. Depending upon the incident and infraction, often students found responsible for such messages are instantly expelled and face charges, part of the school district and Police Department's zero tolerance policy.

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