A recent online survey of 430 people asked what men look for most in a woman. The answers from men will surprise you. Of the top 10 answers only 2 mentioned appearance.

The first men asked gave answers, then subsequent men were allowed to give new answers or agree with something already said.

  1. Independence (129 votes)
  2. Confidence and not looking to others for validation and compliments (95 votes)
  3. A pulse is good, and breathing (77 votes)
  4. Sense of humor, attractiveness, good outlook on life and smart (74 votes)
  5. Reasonableness, health, doesn't look like she was dropped on her face repeatedly (42 votes)
  6. Smart, cultured, opinionated, someone who can make me smile genuinely. (36 votes)
  7. A sense of humor (26 votes)
  8. Open and honest, inner calm and happiness, takes responsibility for themselves (24 votes)
  9. Their ability to care.. and I mean really care about other people and how others feel. (20 votes)
  10. I love a woman who reads a lot (14 votes)

Men get a bad wrap for being too much into appearance, but as you can see from these candid answers, looks aren't the most important thing -- and arguably not more important to them than to women.

The most important thing is for a woman to be able to stand on her own two feet emotionally and in day-to-day matters.

[Source: Reddit]

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