I can't be the only one who grumbles as Valentine's Day approaches! I don't hate it but I also don't love it! I dread it for a few reasons, I don't know if I should celebrate and buy a gift or be excited anticipating a gift. What if I get a gift and don't receive one? Or just the opposite and he gets me one and I don't reciprocate the gesture? The first year I started dating my boyfriend he told me he didn't believe in Valentine's day and all it stood for. I was ok with that though, it was going to save me money and the hassle of finding the perfect gift. HOWEVER, he showed up to my job with a bouquet of flowers and wished me a happy Valentine's day. I didn't do anything for him though! I thought only women told their partners they weren't doing anything only to plan something thoughtful?

One year, (in my younger years) Valentine's Day came and went and my boyfriend at the time didn't do anything for me, not a card, a flower or even a kiss on the forehead! I was so upset! Him, seeing how upset I was, went out the next day and bought me two different floral arrangements. The NEXT day! That upset me even more!

I came to realize I am just setting myself up to be disappointed no matter what! I am upset if he does or I am upset if he doesn't. Apparently there is no winning with me. This year is different though, I have come to an understanding with myself and decided I really just don't care. If Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year I might have gone out to dinner (only because that's what I would have done anyway), but I will treat it as another Monday. I won't anticipate getting or giving and just be a good person. I will be grateful for all the blessings in my life, I will love the best way I know how and enjoy the world around me.

So whether you go all out for Valentine's Day or do nothing at all, I hope you all will love each other and be the best person you know how to be. Happy Monday, February 14th!


close up of a couple drinking wine on valentines day


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