I was looking for something out of the ordinary to do and wanted to find a creative thing or place to do for a date night. However, I could think of NOTHING! So naturally, I did what I always do and I reached out to social media, I asked what the most creative thing to do in the Tri-cities was.

I can always count on my Facebook friends to be helpful! They came up with so many great ideas and fun places that I didn't even know existed! According to my Facebook friends, the most suggested place to take your date in the Tri-cities was Heber Hatchets Axe Throwing in Kennewick. If I were a big strong dude trying to impress my girlfriend, this would definitely be my first choice! But even if you aren't a big strong dude, they make it fun for EVERYONE and offer group packages for every occasion! This is certainly at the top of my list to do and lucky for me, they actually make it a SAFE activity.

Another creative idea is a place called Take a Break in downtown Kennewick. I have only seen this type of business on television and I am excited to know that we now have one in our little city. It is another form of a rage room or a wreck room and it is a place you literally get to go break stuff! Probably not a place you would take your girl or guy on a first date, but I am thinking this would be a great place for a married couple to go resolve a fight from earlier!

One of my favorite places to go is the Dirtkart race track in Kennewick. Not only is it entertaining and competitive but we laugh more than any race car driver should. More fun ideas included the Carousel of Dreams, enjoying a massage and a float at Float Euphoria, driving around with a thermos of hot co-coa and looking at Christmas lights, going grocery shopping together and then cooking a meal together. But my favorite idea that was suggested is taking your date to the thrift shop, picking an outfit out for the other person and then going to dinner in those outfits.

So many great new ideas and I can't wait to try them all. However, first on my list is taking my date to dinner in his new thrift store ensemble!

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