REMEMBER: with great pick-up line power comes great responsibility!

valentines 2


Once you get shot by cupid, the rest look just stupid!

I bought you 12 roses for Valentine's Day - 11 real and 1 fake. I will love you until all of them die and wilt away.


You break my heart into 15 unique, chewable pieces... just like a Whitman's Sampler.
Can I have a kiss on the cheek? I want to be able to say a gorgeous girl kissed me on Valentine's Day.


Do you like cats? Because I'd like you to take meowt for Valentine's Day.


"Hi, do you like this band? I SAID, HI DO YOU LIKE THIS BAND?!?"


"Excuse me, do you have a mobile phone I can use? I told my Mom I’d call her when I fell in love!!!"


"My name isn't Fred Flintstone, but I can sure make your Bedrock" (ok that’s a terrible line)


Wanna go on an ate and be my alentine? Don't worry I'll give you the VD later.

Tap her on the shoulder: “Excuse me, you just dropped something — my jaw.”

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