At first glance, I thought this punk was hiding a squirrel underneath his hoodie, and the tail was coming down in between his eyes. No really, that's what it looked like to me! So I'll just call him the Squirrel Head Vape Punk. This guy decided to steal an entire display case of vaping pens. Somebody knows who Squirrel Head Vape Punk really is. Let's show him the error of his ways. Check out the RPD post below and see if you know Squirrel Head.

On the bright side, at least he didn't steal a bunch of cartons of cigarettes. I know I know, those that never had the habit think vaping and smoking are both bad. But let me tell you, as a former smoker vaping is wonderful! Yes, I've read all the bad things about vaping. But I also know that I could get killed walking across the street, and I'm still going to walk across the damn street. Besides, the world is full of people that want to dictate what other people know like the Taliban. So I'm gonna vape for now and and just try to stop me! LOL All I know is that I'm breathing better and feeling better. I'll probably quit vaping one day also, but until I do, I'll at least pay for mine and not join Team Squirrel Head.


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