Just a few days after one Prosser school worker was placed on administrative leave a second has also had that happen over comments made on their own Facebook pages concerning the "A Day Without Immigrants" protests.

According to sources, including the Tri-City Herald, library assistant Peggy Brown was placed on leave after she made a comment about the protests. She works at Prosser Heights Elementary.

Her post about the protests read:

“I had an absolutely great day today. Lots of grade school kids stayed home today for the immigrants protest. I loved it. Sure alleviated the over crowding at school. No out of control kids, like it should be going to school. Like school should be. I hope they can do it again soon.”

Her comments were in reference to some parents who kept their children home from school last Thursday during the protest. The protests also saw some businesses close as well. They were in response to the Trump Administration Executive Order, still being battled in court, that sought temporary halts to immigration and some VISA processing and travel.

The Prosser School District had earlier taken similar action against Cheriese Rhode.

Sources say the school district received a number of protests and calls over the two employees' comments.

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