Well, here we go again. Richland police are seeking another suspected shoplifter at Walmart.

If you know who she is, see the post below for information on how to contact them. Our local police departments post pictures like this several times a week! What is the deal with all the shoplifters? And why haven't they figured out how to solve this. You know, like I have!  We see security pictures like this from Walmart, Fred Meyers, convenience stores and many other stores around the Tri-Cities area. Can you guess the one store where we never see pictures like this? Yes, Griggs Ace Hardware. They don't need to post security photos of shoplifting suspects on the loose, they just tackle them as they're leaving the store!  Time and time again, the staff at Griggs have proven that theft prevention is not that hard if you just don't let them get away. I say Walmart and other stores having shoplifter problems simply need to hire the staff at Griggs, at least on a part time basis, to do the tackling.  I've seen the last line of defense at a Walmart store, and I think it's wonderful that they hire the elderly.  But if you want to really solve the problem, let's get the Griggs folks in there! Then when you walk into Walmart, the nice elderly man or woman can welcome you, and the Griggs theft prevention dude or dudette will simply say, YEAH, so you acknowledge their presence.  Boom...problem solved. You're welcome!

Attempting to identify individual and vehicle associated with a theft from Walmart. If you have any information, please call 509-628-0333. Case 21-01219

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Wednesday, January 20, 2021


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