The weather is heating up, the garden is starting to produce goodies and many of us are still stuck at home. It's time to start concocting creative, delicious treats and beverages!

That is exactly what we did. Normally I would be gearing up to start blending up frothy, fruity creations at the bar but unfortunately we have not yet reached that point.

In that case, my boyfriend becomes my guinea pig and is forced to eat or drink pretty much anything and everything I put in front of him. This time it was homemade daiquiris with fresh strawberries from the garden and whatever I could find in the fridge or the pantry. They turned out so good I decided to share my redneck recipe with you all.

Realizing I don't have a blender, I pulled out the only thing I have with a blade, a food processor. I rummaged through the fridge and found some concentrated lime juice, a diet 7-Up, ice and of course some booze (rum or vodka will work, but if you are desperate any old booze will do). You can definitely make these without alcohol, just replace the booze with extra soda.

I filled the food processor half full of ice, measured out two heavy shots of booze, poured the soda until the combined liquid was sitting just about even with the ice, I added about a tablespoon of lime juice and then dumped in about twenty small strawberries.

I then hit HIGH speed on the processor and made a HUGE mess of my kitchen! With that being said I learned that PULSE works better to first break the ice into smaller chunks and you will be less likely to wash a sticky strawberry concoction from your cupboards, counters, floors and hair.

I THEN blended on high for about twenty seconds (or until creamy) and served in an old olive jar that I converted into a fancy glass with a spill free lid.

They were absolutely delicious, so delicious in fact, I made us two more batches and then rode a cow!

Redneck Daquiris

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