From the invention of the car and people have been driving them, police officers have been enforcing the rules of the road! However, as long as police officers have been enforcing these rules, drivers like myself have been finding new ways to avoid tickets when accidentally breaking the law!

I don't think I am alone in saying we have all tried to talk our way out of a ticket when caught speeding or making a bad judgement call when a stoplight suddenly turned yellow!

I have cried before, I have told the officer my boyfriend just broke up with me (which he kinda did hehe), flirted with the officer, sweet talked the police officer, told officers I was late, sick, sad, mad, you name it I've attempted it! Considering I have only had one moving violation in my life, I would say things are working out in my favor! Well, I just stepped up my game! I had to get a new drivers license and even though I knew I could renew online I decided to go into the DMV so I could take a new photo, I had a plan!

The plan included taking an irresistible picture! They are pretty strict with their rules when it comes to the photo on your license considering it represents your driving ability for the next four years! If i could have given them my "two thumbs up" pose I would have definitely done that but unfortunately they wouldn't allow it so I had to settle for my "Heeeeeeey" pose!

If I were a police officer and I received my license there is NO WAY I could give that face a ticket! Hopefully I will not have to test my plan any time soon! Oh, and I am stuck with this goofy photo for the next four years!


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