I definitely am taking the Covid-19 Pandemic very seriously. In the beginning I brushed it off and thought the whole thing would blow over within two weeks. I was sorely wrong. I have decided to take this time to learn new things, such as cooking and grilling. Today I decided I was going to use my Traeger grill and try my luck at a brisket. I took a three pound brisket from the freezer and found a popular recipe online. I had all day to plan, but of course I waited until last minute to prepare everything.

I went outside an hour after I had planned to fire up the grill and actually got it fired up, late start... typical for me. After my boyfriend, Kevin watched me fire it up he came rushing into the house in a pure panic and yelled "THAT THING IS SMOKING" I calmly held my laughter and explained, It's a SMOKER babe.

I got the chunk of meat on the grill, better late than never and I simply cooked it. I followed the instructions and believed everything I read on the internet and IT WORKED!!

This entire blog is basically worthless but I took some hilarious pictures of him enjoying my brisket that I just had to create blog out of it! So, without further ado here is Kevin enjoying my brisket.


I have no doubt we will be fine through this entire pandemic quarantine and learn to love each other for who we are! For the recipe please click the button below and I hope your boyfriend or girlfriend enjoys it just as much as Kevin did!


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