Round two of testing for me! [Video Below]

Back in June I was exposed through a family member of a family member to the Covid-19 virus, so just to be safe I went and got tested, and it was absolutely HORRIBLE! I went to an immediate care facility for my testing the first round and even though it was simple, it was expensive and the overall experience was pretty bad. The doctor who did my test had terrible bedside manner and was anything but gentle. The test was painful and VERY uncomfortable. I was thankfully negative.

So when I found out I had been exposed directly this time, I was super discouraged and dreaded what was to come next... that horrible test! I had heard about a test that was a drive-up test, you could get your results in just an hour AND the doctors were gentle.

SIGN ME UP I said! I know there are free drive-up tests available currently but I wanted my results back in an hour, so I called and made an appointment. The cost of the test is $125, but if you are like me and need to get results back asap so you can get back to work it is super reasonable. The facility is call On Scene Medical Services in Kennewick and their phone number is 509-420-5225.

I decided I would document my experience this time on Facebook live. Considering I have only done Facebook live once or twice would explain why my video is sideways, oops. This video shows the test being administered and exactly from start to finish how they do it. Once again, I apologize for the video being wonky but I was nervous and I am "Facebook live" dumb!

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