When a few bad cops suddenly started making national news, every cop in the nation was penalized. I never could wrap my brain around it.

Criminals fleeing a crime scene can't be chased by police? Gosh, that sure makes it easy for the bad guys now doesn't it?

Well scumbags, your party is over. The idiot decision-makers in our government have come to their senses. At least on this topic they have. House Bill 2037 now makes it possible for police to use force to stop people from fleeing crime scenes again.

And if you like watching a good police chase where the bad guys lose as much as I do, you'll find this video very satisfying!

The 12 Deadliest Serial Killers in Washington State's Bloody History

Every state is known for something. Florida has swamps and beautiful weather, Iowa has wrestling and corn, New York has Manhattan and Brooklyn-style pizza, Maryland has crabcakes. Washington has apples, wine, IPAs, and serial killers. This article is not meant to glorify these evil people in any way, just shed some light on a bizarre Washington truth. From Bundy to the Green River Killer, these are twelve of the deadliest killers in Washington state history.

See Inside Tri-Cities Most Affordable Residence In Kennewick

If you're looking for something affordable and nice with low maintenance, this little gem in Kennewick might be for you. It’s perched above the Zintel Canyon Golf Course with an amazing view. Everything you need is included and it's move-in ready.

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