Search continues for suspects, now also accused of sexual abuse and trafficking (PPD)
Search continues for suspects, now also accused of sexual abuse and trafficking (PPD)



The story keeps getting more sordid.

(additional information has been added--Medina is the children's step-mother)

The parents of the slain 8-year-old likely trafficked him

US Marshals have released some new information about the parents of 8-year-old Edgar Casian, whose skeletal remains were found in rural Benton County back in early February.

A nationwide manhunt is underway for his parents, Edgar Casian-Garcia (police say he is the father), and Araceli Medina whom sources say is the stepmother, on murder charges. New charges have been added, First Degree Child Rape, and First Degree Child Abuse.

Several of the dead boy's siblings were rescued from a location in Tiajuana, Mexico from what officials said was a 'dire' circumstance.  A missing person's report was filed for Edgar in May 2021, but Pasco Police had not been able to credibly account for his whereabouts since 2020.  From Pasco Police and Townsquare Media:

"Pasco Police said at the time of the missing person's report that two of Edgar's siblings had been located in Tijuana, Mexico under what authorities said were "alarmingly dangerous conditions."

  Now more children are feared involved.

Authorities did not say, but it's possible the children rescued in Mexico provided additional information about 3, possibly 4 other children involved in the issue. The two suspects are now accused of sexually abusing and trafficking Edgar as well as the others.

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US Marshals believe the two have either fled to Canada or possibly the Nayarit or Sinola Regions of Mexico.  The search continues.

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