One of many new laws coming January 1, 2020 in Washington state, has to do with children, car seats and booster seats.

The University of Washington's UW Medicine Program has issued information to remind parents that some significant changes are coming to child transportation--especially concerning the always confusing 'booster' seat laws. According to UW Medicine Friday:

 "Washington state's revised car-seat and booster-seat law will kick in next Wednesday, January 1.  The updates include requiring children who have outgrown portable car seats to use booster seats until they are big enough for the vehicle's seat belt to fit properly. That happens when the children are at least 4'9", so most kids will need a booster seat until they're 10-12 years old. "

So, for those of you with smaller middle school children, especially 6th graders, it could mean having to outfit them next week so they can return to school 'legally.'

For more information in general about this new law, and for all other children regarding safe transportation (and the law) click on the button below.

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