We now know more about the child who brought a bag of meth to his school and told officials he was scared to go home.

Daniel Stanton O'Leary, 29, and Jennifer Ann Edwards, 29, (his parents) are now facing unlawful possession of controlled substance and reckless endangerment charges in Benton County Superior Court.

The eight-year-old boy attends Edison Elementary School. He brought the baggie and told a staff member there was a lot of smoking of drugs at home and it (the home) was not a good place to be.

Police tested the substance and found probable cause to search the home. Inside they located drug items, as well as fentanyl. They also found burned aluminum foil, consistent with the signs of fentanyl abuse.

These items were found within reach of the boy and his younger sister. The children have since been placed in protective custody by DSHS.

Many are calling the young boy a hero for having the courage to turn to a trusted source about issues in the home, especially drug use, and it helped protect his sister.

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