It's been a long time since we've heard of any Washington or Oregon driver getting a ticket this large strictly because of the speed they were traveling!

It happened about a week or so ago, we came across this report from the Morrow County Sheriff's Office in Oregon.

A Morrow County Deputy on Sept. 12 was headed Eastbound on I-84 when he saw a vehicle flying West, obviously at speeds well over the limit. Deputy Thomas Way gave chase and pulled over the motorist. The driver, identified as 20-year-old Skyla Sue Ziglinski of Salem, OR, was clocked at 128 mph!

No reason for her speed was given in the report, but initially she was given a $1,115 dollar ticket. BUT it gets better. Because she was traveling through one of a number of reduced speed construction zones on the Interstate (you've seen them probably if you travel that way) the fines DOUBLE.  Remember? Fines double in construction zones?

That brings her grand total to a whopping $2,130. Hope whatever she was speeding for was worth!

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