Impaired driving is the suspected cause of a Gage and Steptoe car crash sending one to the hospital, Cascade Natural Gas out to shut off a pump and another DUI cuff due to rolling through the crash scene allegedly hammered almost striking an officer.

It was a scene where a northbound Dodge Durango allegedly ran a red light and plowed into a white passenger car sending the car through a fence of the Cascade Natural Gas pump station. When a woman driving a silver SUV almost struck an officer while attempting to navigate the crash scene, she was pointed over and arrested for DUI. From the KPD facebook page:

DUI Accident: Officers responded to the intersection of Gage and Steptoe for an accident. The driver of the red Durango was traveling northbound on Steptoe and ran the red light at Gage striking the white 300c. The 300c crashed through the fence of a natural gas pump station. Cascade Natural Gas was called out to shut the gas. The driver of the Durango was transported to the hospital for injuries. While at the hospital Officers got a search warrant for his blood. The other driver was not injured.
While officers were on scene the Silver SUV attempted to drive through the accident scene and almost hit one of the officers. It was determined that the driver of this vehicle was intoxicated. She was processed and booked into the Benton County Jail for DUI.

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