Meet Marley, he is an eight year old, blue-eyed, mixed pup and he needs our help. He is mans best friend, but more importantly he is boys friend. Michael, who is truly Marleys best friend is a five year old boy who just found out his buddy has bone cancer. Between meds, vet visits and an upcoming surgery to amputate a leg, Marleys family is looking at the impossible.

Steffen Teall is Michaels father, he is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and has served our country for nine years. Steffen is currently away from his family at training and this adds to the stress of the recent news of the family fur baby.

Kristina, Michaels mom also has a one year old little boy (Oliver) at home, who also loves Marley. This family is in need of some financial help to help save their loved one and so we are sharing Marleys GoFundMe page in hopes this circulates enough to raise the funds for his surgery. This family is from Benton City who are currently stationed in North Carolina. Thanks for your help!




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