You may recall the horrific traffic accident that occurred last week at the Hanford Nuclear reservation where two vehicles collided head-on resulting in one man passing away and the other seriously injured...

The injured man is Hanford Patrolman Tim Johns who sustained several internal injuries, along with multiple broken bones, he is on a long road to recovery and so Lucky to Be Alive. There is a GoFund Me account set up for him if you'd like to help.

Here's the post:

"Lucky to be alive" Support Patrolman Tim Johns

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, while driving home, Hanford Patrolman Tim Johns was hit head on. As many know, this was a tragic and devastating accident on the Hanford Site. Tim was seriously injured. He sustained several internal injuries, along with multiple broken bones. After several surgeries, he has a long recovery ahead of him. Tim, along with his wife, are dedicated Hanford employees and will need support in this time of healing.

Tim is well known by his fellow co-workers as a hardworking, witty, and sincere individual. He is dedicated to his job and goes out of his way to do the best job that he possibly can. He is the kind of man that would do anything for someone in need.

Now is the time to help a man that gives his all to his job, family, and friends. Please help ease the financial burden and stress that has been placed on this family.

Thank you for your donations.

So far just under $1000 has been raised with the goal being $20,000

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