What man doesn't like an all American burger especially in the heart of grilling season! You got your buddies over, the football game is on or maybe you're having an ultimate tailgate party. How do you impress your friends?

Take an ordinary food you can buy anywhere and turn it into a turbo charged grease bomb that will plug your arteries on the first bite. An ultimate burger sounds good. The food bloggers at DudeFood.Com have coe up with a list of foods that will satisfy the most picky of partiers at your next big event. (Yeah right like guys are picky)

This list includes Beer & Bacon battered deep fried White Castle burgers (like they weren't unhealthy enough already). Colby Jack Mac & Cheese pie with bacon crust,  the Cinnaburger,  chicken and waffle wings and even my own invention!

I entered a burger in a competition a couple of years ago and I called it the Cop Slider. This was a burger made from a glazed Spudnut, pork and beef patty, a hunk of cheddar cheese and a strip of bacon. Oh man! That was a burger!

So have you ever come up with a concoction that was simply irresistible? We would love to hear about it! Maybe you should make us one!