One of the toughest challenges for me is to walk through the doors of the gym,,, seriously?! Thanks to club 24 they make you feel at ease. friendly atmosphere, friendly staff and on-site trainers to help a nerd like me figure out the transformer like machines.

The first day was my assessment  (weight, BMI and fitness) Aaron Stites - (Director of fitness) had the super fun job of measuring my fat! Initially I thought my numbers were 195lbs with 30% body fat. turns out I'm 188lbs / 24% body fat (YIKES!) my fitness level? **sigh**

(BTW: Aaron banned me from wearing my bike shorts or speedo to the gym....stupid rules)

Week 1 was about getting familiar with the different workouts, getting sore and train smarter. Club 24's philosophy  "Don't just work harder, train smarter"

I start "revolution training" this week, wish me luck! .... ok scratch that...pray for me! I'm gonna need it.

30 Days of Training for $79!

Membership includes:
- Fitness Assessment with a Fitness Expert
- 4 Semi-Private Training Sessions
- Unlimited Group Personal Training

I hope my fellow workout partners won't be like this

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