When October 4th rolled around, we put up a poll on the Newstalk870 website, asking workers who are under the state-mandated vaccine requirement to let us know if they intended to try to be 'compliant.'

Although the "Inslee Mandate" deadline is to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18th if you're a state worker, certain healthcare worker, volunteer firefighter or EMS (County) etc., in order to do so, you had to start the vaccine regimen no later than Oct. 4th.

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So far, our poll numbers are climbing higher towards non-compliance.

Here's the latest update:

  • No (no plans to vaccinate)  now at 64%
  • I got an exemption--staying at a steady rate of around 11%
  • Yes  (began regimen)  16%
  • Am changing jobs (leaving to avoid mandate)  has dropped a bit to 7%

We, like many, are waiting to see what happens on or around Oct. 18th, to see if state will blink like they did with King County Public workers, 95% of whom were given a lengthy extension to allow them more 'time' to become vaccinated or decide their course of action.

The state, and Inslee, have been noticeably quiet on this front overall the last week or so. If you are a mandated worker had have not taken the poll, click here.

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