So far, most of them have been denied. The vast majority of those sought by Washington State Patrol Troopers and staff have been turned down.

We're talking about religious exemptions to Gov. Inslee's controversial vaccine mandate, which reported still has a state deadline of Oct. 18th.

King County negotiated a deal with 95 percent of it's public-union workers that pushes them back, giving them more time. But no word if it's going to be expanded.

Now, we're hearing the number of state workers who've filed for exemptions is 4,654.

When you consider the tens of thousands of state workers, that number is rather small. However, it does include a wide variety of necessary workers, from State Patrol to DOT, from medical workers, to clerical staff.

Some Seattle media outlets estimate the State Patrol could lose up to ten percent, or even more, of its workforce.  In Spokane the could see up to 48 firefighters depart, because there have not been what is called reasonable accommodations.

In our region, several counties including Walla Walla and Columbia, it's estimated there could be losses of 20-30 percent of volunteer firefighters and EMS workers who already have day jobs and employment. Vaccinations are required of these worker as well.


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