If you've shopped recently at the Kennewick Costco, you might check your freezer and pull some fish that's being voluntarily recalled. The product is from Trident and the fish of concern is their Pacific Salmon Burgers.

In a press release from the FDA and Trident Seafoods, the Pacific Salmon Burgers are being pulled because the packages could contain small pieces of metal.

Here is what the official press release says:

Trident Seafoods Corporation is issuing a voluntary recall of a single lot number of Pacific Salmon Burgers, Net Wt. 3 lbs. (48 oz.), because it may contain small pieces of metal. Consumption of these products may pose a choking hazard or other physical injuries. If you have any remaining product with Lot Number GC101431 and a Best By 01/14/2023, please discontinue use and return the item to your local Costco for a full refund.

There have been no reports of injury or illness related to the recalled products to date, however, anyone concern about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider. The source of the small pieces of metal hasn’t been identified yet. Trident Seafood takes food safety very seriously and is investigating this situation thoroughly.

For additional information, please contact their Consumer Affairs Team, at 1-866-413-4749, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST, or via email to consumeraffairs@tridentseafoods.com.

You should double-check your freezer as these particular salmon burgers are sold exclusively through Costco. The good news is that it's only one lot that seems to be the issue for the company. You can read more details about the recall on the FDA website here

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