Here's a what would you do situation. If you found $7000 in cash, would you return it? Apparently, one Kennewick individual decided to do the right thing and return $7000 in cash that was found at the Circle K.

It's a pretty amazing story of integrity and doing the right thing. According to a posting on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page, here is what happened:

On Thursday evening, a Tri-City resident was inside Circle K located at Steptoe St and Gage Blvd in Kennewick. While shopping the resident found a unique plastic bag with over $7,000 inside.

Here is where this story gets really good:

The citizen contacted the police and turned the money over to the store clerk. The clerk safeguarded the money until police were able to arrive. Officer Sheppard with the Richland WA Police Department was close by and stopped to assist. Officer Sheppard and Kennewick Police Sergeant Littrell counted the money and entered it into evidence for safekeeping. Through the review of the video surveillance system, Sergeant Littrell was able to determine the owner of the money who was extremely happy with the character of our Tri-City resident!

Wow, that is an amazing story. Details later revealed that the money belonged to a local tattoo artist who deals a lot in cash.

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The tattoo artist was shocked when the money was found and later given back to him. He thought he'd lost the money for good.

The name of the Good Samaritan hasn't been released but that takes an amazing amount of character to not have kept the money for themselves. You can read more about the lost money and details on the story here.

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