We have heard it over and over again "The new normal," I wanted to pull my hair out at one point, seemed like everyone, everywhere was talking about the new normal and I don't want a new normal! I want NORMAL! I think many of us do, but as much as we do we have to accept that things have changed and will probably remain different.

When the pandemic first struck us, the world was just trying to figure things out and businesses were trying to find ways to stay safe and continue to operate. Dutch Bros. was one of the original businesses that has remained open and was one of the first companies to eliminate cash completely.

Well, CASH IS BACK! Something HAS gone back to normal! Dutch Bros. has started accepting cash again! It was just as simple to reach for my debit card as it was to reach for cash, actually in many cases it was easier! But when I purchase my coffee, I prefer to leave a cash tip.

When the friendly barista handed me my coffee this morning and asked "cash or card?" I thought I had gone back in time! I was pleased to be able to pay for my coffee with cash and hand her a cash tip!

Now everyone wants to know when stamp cards are coming back.

When are stamp cards coming back? Dutch Bros. will not be handing out new stamp cards but they will honor the cards that have already been stamped. Stamp cards with 5 or fewer stamps are worth 50% off a drink and full cards can be turned in for a free drink. You only have a limited time to redeem your drinks however, after March 31st, 2021, they will no longer be accepting stamp cards.

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