A homeless man in Sumner Washington discovered $17,000 outside a food bank and returned the money.

Kevin Booth found a brown bag outside of a Washington Food Bank three months ago and was shocked to discover $17,000. He decided to turn it in to the Food Bank after he discovered a $20 that had fallen out of the bag.

The food bank thought it was a bag of food and soon discovered the cash inside.

The food bank notified the police and after waiting for 90 days for a claim, the money was given to the food bank.

The food bank is going to use the money to expand it's building which helps roughly 1,000 homeless per month.

The good news, for his honesty, Kevin Booth received a gift cards bought with the cash received.

Most people would've kept the money but Kevin Booth was quoted as saying "that just wasn't his way."

You can check out more on this amazing story here  

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